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Westpaw TUX
Westpaw TUX

Westpaw TUX

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Tux is available in two sizes! Small Tux is perfect for the minuscule but mighty, and large Tux is best for massive mutts (and of course every dog in between).  Small or Large, Tux is an extremely durable toy that delivers food while keeping dogs occupied in one tough package. 

Built for tough chewers, Tux has been a best-seller for years due to its near indestructibility.

Dishwasher Safe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
amy kutzer
Easy to fill and clean

This is such an amazing enrichment toy. Great distraction when leaving the house in the mornings.

Haley H
Fun and easy to fill

This is a fun slow feeder for my pup. Perfect for raw foods and freezing to give when I am away. Great shape to slow down her eating and add a little challenge.


This is great quality, I’ve been using it for kefir/berry mixes which my border collie pup loves. He gets very excited when he sees this coming out of the freezer!
Amazing customer service and fast delivery.

Great for raw!

My girl found this fairly easy to use, and it provided some good entertainment due to its odd shape; it bounced around erratically when she dropped it, which she enjoyed. Plus the meat didn't fall out, even through repeated drop attempts. Next time I'll freeze to to make it harder for her to solve. Fits a good amount of raw meat.

One of the best

Absolutely love WestPaw's Tux! It's super durable and among only 3 toys whose durability I trust enough to leave with my pack, even the more destructive pups. Large Tux holds about 1/3 of a cup of food, more if you load it up and freeze. The design is perfect as the dogs can hold it with their paws while figuring the puzzle out. I'm definitely glad I got the large as it's a firm favourite for refilling and distributing often.

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