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Ultimate Meal Booster

Ultimate Meal Booster

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Fussy eater? Our meal boosters enable you to feed your pup the nutrients the need without the fuss simple sprinkle over food and serve.

This recipe contains : Kangaroo, beef, lamb, green lipped mussels and fish! Getting all that goodness in one BOOST!

Fish (Mackerel) - Mackerel is filled with omega 3 to improve your pets coat, joint health and cognitive ability  

Beef & Lamb for B12 & added flavour.

Kangaroo -Roo meat is high in anti oxidants, highest level of Omega 3 vs lamb beef and pork treats. They also have a high have a concentration of natural B12 Vitamin for cell renewal.

Green Lipped Mussel can assist with the below conditions:

  • Reduces infections caused by yeast, fungal, or bacteria in dogs ears.
  • Treatment of allergic and inflammatory dermatological conditions in dogs.
  • Increased brain function
  • Reduces cardiovascular problems like sudden cardiac death or arrhythmias, blood clots and hypertension.
  • Reduces incidence of renal damage
  • 3-6g for <5kg dogs, 5-10g for small dogs up to 10kg, 10-20g for 10-30kg and 20-40g for larger is a guideline for dosage. There is no set guideline for mussels.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect meal topper

Flinn usually leaves his food to rot, but since using Coopers Kingdom meal toppers he has licked the bowl clean 🥳

Meal Toppers

These are great! We loved them added to all our meals for extra flavour and goodness

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