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Soda Pup - Life Saver
Soda Pup - Life Saver

Soda Pup - Life Saver

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We absolutely love this toy especially to be filled with raw meat and frozen.

  • DURABLE CHEW TOY: This clever toy design is in the shape of a life ring (or your favorite hard candy) and is a durable chew toy. 
  • DISPENSES TREATS: Help your dog fight boredom by inserting treats inside the rim on the back of the toy and give your dog a fun and interesting challenge. 
  • ANIMAL & PLANET FRIENDLY: Material is FDA compliant, non-toxic and biodegradable. It is sustainably harvested helping us reduce our carbon footprint. 
  • VETERINARIAN APPROVED: Veterinarian Approved!
  • DISHWASHER SAFE:  Dishwasher safe and easy to clean!


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
So good

Our dog struggles when enrichment is too difficult but gets bored when it’s too easy! This is perfect as it takes him a while but not too difficult! It doesn’t fit LOTS of meat in it so we use this and another enrichment toy for meal time, but it’s such a great enrichment toy! Very durable as well and easy to clean!


Our pup loves the Life Saver - it's her favourite because she can get all of the treats out of the Life Saver whereas some of the other enrichment toys you can't get all of the treats out as my tongue isn't big enough yet!

Sodarn good

This is my favouriteee food toy. A lot of enrichment toys have smaller holes, or the foods all shoved in one central area, and being an impatient pup, I find this super frustrating and give up. BUT this toy is so much better. It still takes me a while to get the food out (especially when frozen), but the larger opening means I can continuously taste the food and feel like I'm making progress. And after I get the easier stuff, there's still a lot left inside the ring I can keep working for. Highly recommend this one!

A hole new world!

It's a tough toy that no matter how hard I throw it just to get my food out, it never breaks. I love all the food enrichment challenge that my mum is putting me into and this is one of the toys that I like so much. She usually freezes meat inside, then she tried one time putting a kangaroo ear (also from Coopers) in the middle sticking out surrounded with mince and froze it. I loved it!

Hannah Smith
A hole lot of fun!

My dog Coco loved this one as it a little easier than the other enrichment feeders I got her. She has already got so good at it that I tried freezing her food inside of it and she loved the challenge! It is durable and easy to clean. Really happy with the lifesaver!

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