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Shark Skin Rolls [ Longer Lasting Chew]
Shark Skin Rolls [ Longer Lasting Chew]
Shark Skin Rolls [ Longer Lasting Chew]

Shark Skin Rolls [ Longer Lasting Chew]

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Snack on our Shark Skin for wholesome health benefits that just don’t stop. This seafood sensation boasts more than just great taste: glucosamine, Omega Fatty Acids and hypoallergenic proteins are only just the beginning of this bounty.

100% Aussie 100% natural and sustainable. 

Size does matter: Approximately 11-16cm and 30g - 60g & 2 per pack, Shark Skin is suitable for all shapes and sizes 

Queensland caught gummy shark. Sustainably sourced, wild caught & a waste product from food for human consumption. 

Customer Reviews

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Makayla Whitford
Raven & Matilda

At first I was unsure about these, they do smell but it’s for a good cause as they are natural.

I recommend giving this outside!, and for storing an air tight container (easy done).

My girls absolutely loved them!, they slowly pulled them apart and the best part was they lasted a long time!, I had to go searching for my girls after 20 minutes because they didn’t come back in.

I love that you can tell they are natural!, and being Australian sourced makes it much better!

Highly recommend these!

Definitely worth the price! Thank you! Shipping was fast also

Great Treat - Long Lasting

Great treat for our girl, she loves taking her time eating this one. Stripping the skin first back first, then eating the middle and then going back to the skin. For a staffy it last longer than normal treats. We just can't get enough of the Coopers Kingdom products

I love Shark Skin Roll; So put another dime in the jukebox, baby

I really do love this tough and chewy treat. They are long lasting which keep me occupied and entertained for a while so I can stop annoying hoomans. Also helps removing tartar and gives me healthy gums. 😁

Kelby Faulds
Great chew treat

My american staffy absolutely loves these and it takes him awhile to chew through compared to other pet store bought treats

Vanessa Gutierrez
My lab loves it

These rolls are really a good option for enrichment with my dog . I manage to cut one into pieces so my lab can go around sniffing! He loves it. Highly recommended

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