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Green Tripe Meal Booster
Green Tripe Meal Booster
Green Tripe Meal Booster
Green Tripe Meal Booster

Green Tripe Meal Booster

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Our Green tripe booster is here! Green meaning unbleached/raw & has nothing to do with its colour.

Green Tripe has a nearly perfect calcium to phosphorus ratio, as well as an optimal ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids, making it nutritionally balanced naturally our meal enhancer has no added chemicals or nasties so all of these benefits will apply.

Easily digestible, In fact, green tripe is partially digested already, since it comes from a grazing animal’s stomach. High in protein. 70% of this protein has 7 amino acids, which perform essential functions in your pups body including building muscle and enhancing all system functioning from immune response to tissue repair to urinary tract health. 

Naturally our meal booster contains high amounts of lactobacillus acidophilus, a healthy probiotic. Acidophilus is naturally found in animal intestines, including your own and your dog or cat’s. By including acidophilus in their diet you increase the amount of good bacteria that lives within your pet’s digestive system, promoting healthy digestion and optimal nutrient absorption.   

Ingredients: Beef Tripe.

Customer Reviews

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Green Tripe Meal Booster for the Win👍🏻

Wasn’t sure whether Bellamy would like this but I read about the benefits of Green Tripe & thought I’d give it a go. Put it on his food & he scoffed it down which is rare for him! Will be buying a 100g tin.

Top me up buttercup

Always looking to add more nutrients to Winter's meals. Green tripe is very good for dog's gut bacteria. Good bacteria health for humans/dogs alike has a myriad of benefits. I would sprinkle a teaspoon on once a day. 100gm lasts for ages if swapping out with yoghurt, kefir etc.

Tripe to Jerusalem

Very rare my mum finds raw green tripe available at perth raw food sources as they are usually out of stock. But this meal enhancer is the perfect solution to that. It has this tasty smell that makes my food extra yummy. During my post-surgery and had to take yucky medicines, mum mixes this topper and I would not be able to mind the smell of medicine in my food. It is healthy too. Great alternative if hoomans can't find the raw one and can stock for long.

Excellent Addition to Meal Time!

We love the green tripe topper! It has been an easy way to introduce tripe to our pup's diet and she has loved it, she will lick the topper off everything before proceeding to eat her dinner.

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