Shark Cartilage & Mackerel Twists
Shark Cartilage & Mackerel Twists

Shark Cartilage & Mackerel Twists

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 These all natural treats are a Shark Cartilage stick wrapped in a generous strip of mackerel.

A great dental chew, a great hit of calcium and phosphorus for the joints and for cell repair from the cartilage, and omega-3 essential oils from the fish for a healthy skin and coat.

These treats are certainly a Triple hit – dental, joints, skin & coat! This is what its all about. 

100% Australian Shark Cartilage wrapped in 100% Australian caught Mackerel. Sustainably sourced, wild caught & a waste product from food for human consumption. 

Nutrients found in Shark Cartilage include:

  • Mucopolysaccharides
  • Amino acids
  • Carbohydrates
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Proteins

Is shark cartilage safe for puppies? It’s sure is! Those puppy teeth will thank you, this treat is great for a dog of any age as chewing relieves boredom, loneliness, stress, frustration and anxiety.

Each pack contains 4 pieces average 15cm long but can be between 12 – 18cm. Average weight is around 35g-40g as they are all natural sizes can differ slightly. 


Customer Reviews

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Hannah C
Banksy’s Fave

My two year old border collie loves these treats! They are nice and stinky which he finds sooo enticing. They have a nice cronch to them too. They might last a little longer with your smaller pooches but these bad boys get snarfed down in around two minutes with my guy 😂 a great joint helping treat which is a must for active dogs and it’s the perfect treat for hide and seek thanks to its yummy smells. Thank you Terri for a great product 💕

These are absolute winners

Anything fishy is a hit with Peanut but these might secretly be his favourite Coopers Kingdom treat. Always inspire the best drool.

Makayla Whitford
Matilda & Raven

At first my girls didn’t understand what these were, I left it with them so not sure how long it lasted but they ate it all!,

Just like some other natural smelly stuff in the backyard is best haha. I store them in an airtight container also.

Definitely worth the price! Thank you! Shipping was fast also

Natasha Bell
Shark Cartilage wrapped in mackerel

These are my Ziggy and Midas’s favourite of all treats, and surprisingly they are long lasting too
A real bonus with Midas as everything else is gone in seconds

So big and Yummy

The wrapped mackerel, are so big and makes to Shark Cartilage look even bigger. Our staff loves these and she is licking her lips as we get them out of the bag, definitely one of her favourite Coopers treat by far.

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