Chilly Penguin - Pet Safe
Chilly Penguin - Pet Safe

Chilly Penguin - Pet Safe

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Give your dog a cool treat anytime with the PetSafe® Freezable Treat Holding Chilly Penguin toy. Fill the center of the Chilly Penguin with freezable treats like flavored water, chicken broth, yogurt or wet dog food. Place the Chilly Penguin in your freezer overnight and your pooch will have a delicious frozen delight to enjoy the next day. If your dog needs to reach the yummy treat faster, try trimming the snowflake points. Once the points are cut, there is no going back so we recommend trimming only a little at a time and then testing. The rounded base gives the Chilly Penguin a fun and challenging wobble. Stack multiple Chilly Penguins on top of one another to save on freezer space. Once your dog is satisfied, the Chilly Penguin toy can be easily cleaned by putting it in the top rack of your dishwasher.


  • Durable, vanilla-scented rubber toy is great option for tough chewers
  • Toy holds frozen treats like flavored water, yogurt, peanut butter, broth, raw meats and more
  • Round base wobbles to provide pets with a fun challenge
  • Center snowflake secures the frozen treat; snowflake points can be trimmed for easier access
  • Multiple Chilly Penguins stack vertically in freezer
  • Dishwasher safe, top rack only
  • Available in Small and Medium/Large sizes
  • Small designed for dogs 4-10kg
  • Medium/Large designed for dogs 10-36kg


Customer Reviews

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Emily Litt

I love how you can put liquids in it without spills! I fill mine with bone broth, water, yoghurts and meats. These penguins are quite heavy, the weight keeps the toy upright to stop any mess. I’ve also frozen this which worked great! There’s a decent amount of room in there too. My dog absolutely loves this! I definitely would recommend, its a more affordable toy which works great. ♥️

No more spills!

The best! No more yogurt or broth leaking into the freezer!!

Affordable Enrichment

I purchased this on a whim in a sale. You know how they can be!
So happy I got this little guy, his belly is small but he holds his liquor well.
Good for bone broth/Kefir/yogurt or other

Winter (Geraldine)
Holds liquid

I bought the large for Winter (4 month, groodle), I was expecting the hole thing to be bigger. This is (don't quote me) the only toy that holds liquid. Which makes it great for freezing broth, yoghurt in. Great for freezing little snacks. If you're looking for a toy that holds more, then you should look else where but if you're looking to freeze liquids, this is great.

Perfect Iceblock for hot day!

My pup absolutely loves it with frozen bone broth or frozen treats !

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