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Buzzing Bee Pollen for Dogs
Buzzing Bee Pollen for Dogs

Buzzing Bee Pollen for Dogs

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We are buzzing about our latest super food joining our premium range. 

Organic Roleystone (WA) Bee Pollen.

Due to biosecurity laws this product cannot currently  be shipped to South Australia. 

Just like for us natural and holistic products can be game changers when it comes to health and bee pollen having one of the complete nutritional profiles in the world and containing 28 minerals and all 10 amino acids needed for a dog you can start to see why.

Why is Bee Pollen good for dogs?

Bee pollen is a great healing aid, with our top grade graduals they can assist with Environmental allergy relief. 

Boosting the digestive system.

Can help correct deficiencies in your dog’s diet. 

Supports your dog’s immune system, in turn this can assist with seasonal comfort. Bee pollen contains Quercetin, a natural antihistamine.

Can help your dog maintain a healthy weight.

Bee pollen is anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-viral.

Can help to heal skin conditions.

Supports healthy muscle.


🐝 My dog is allergic to bee stings can they still eat pollen?

Yes, absolutely. Why? Well because your dog is allergic to JUST THAT. The sting/ venom & not the actual bee itself and they’re highly unlikely to be allergic to anything the bee produces like honey or pollen.



Due to biosecurity laws this product cannot be shipped to South Australia. 

This product is not considered as veterinary medicine, please read dosage instructions carefully.

Our pollen is predominantly Red Gum & Jarrah


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