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About us

Welcome to Coopers Kingdom Pet Co.

With Cooper my Goldie x Lab having allergies and being anaphylactic it was paramount I knew exactly what was in the treats I was giving to him. Previously working for a freight forwarding company I became aware of how many pet food/ treats were treated with chemicals before being allowed to enter Australia. 

My vision behind this brand is to encourage all pet parents to feed all natural treats that are biologically appropriate. Seeing imported pet treats being chemically treated first hand sparked my passion to provide all natural delicious and nutritious treats with no added nasties or fillers whilst being appropriate for their species.

I have no doubt you and your fur babies will love the quality of our premium range of treats at Coopers Kingdom.

The aim is to be a one stop shop for all your treat, supplement & enrichment needs. Be rest assured all of our treats are 100% natural with absolutely no nasties! 

Keep up to date on our Instagram @cooperskingdom for new and exciting offers. 

See you there

Terri Cooper & Piper x



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