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Cow Hooves
Cow Hooves
Cow Hooves
Cow Hooves
Cow Hooves

Cow Hooves

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Fillable and chewable for hours of fun not to mention great for dental health. Keep those pearly whites clean and healthy. 

100% natural cow hooves. 

Supplement pictured sold separately 


Customer Reviews

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Long lasting enrichment

These are a great way to provide enrichment to your dog, without requiring a toppl or other item - it also keeps them entertained much longer.

Our Beagle puppy is 5 months and we have recently started making her stuffed cow hooves as an alternative to the Toppl to mix things up a bit.
The cow hooves last for so long! It has been 3 days since we gave her a stuffed hoof, initially for an hour she laid there and ate the filling then just kept chewing the hoof and now she goes back whenever she feels to have another chew at it.

Wonderful product as always, thanks Terri!

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These guys are new to our shopping list but so so good even the dog stole them out of the pantry when i wasnt looking... ever lasting and versatile. Great addition to food enrichment!

Sadly this not a treat I would purchase again

Although every other treat we have had from you has been fantastic, this one I had to throw out. It made my dog's mouth bleed as it started to splinter not too long after I gave it to him. Not sure that these are an ideal treat for dogs. I will stick to your bully sticks which he loves.

Lasts long

This is another toy/food that my mum likes stuffing my food with. She's put my mince, banana, or yogurt in it. She even froze it and took me ages to finish it. Despite the smell, I love chewing on this and eventually gets tired munching it. Then I will come back to it within the day to chew some more. :)

So versatile, especially great for chewers!

We filled and froze the hoof with food for our girl and when she was done, she happily chewed on the hoof itself. We were able to fill it twice before it got too small then we just let her chew to her heart's content. She loves it so much!

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