Our Eco Friendly Packaging.

As both a consumer and as a business it was important for me from the outset to have eco friendly packaging. Trying to reduce, reuse and recycle in my personal life I channeled this into my business too, I dabbled with both Kraft packaging with and without plastic and stuck with our eco friendly degradable packaging to keep the integrity of our products. 

Standard plastic / foil bags are made with 100% non renewable products and are not degradable wanting to avoid this at all costs it took me along time to find the prefect one. Our packaging is primarily made up of  renewable wood pulp starch 60% {by weight}. 

Wood pulp starch is completely biodegradable. Our bags are tested with USA ASTM D-6868 and D-6400 standard which confirms 100% of wood pulp starch based portion  dissolves in healthy compost in approximately 120 days with residential composting environment facility. The rest 40% {by weight} of packaging is PE from fossil and will breakdown over approx. ten years. now 10 years sounds a lot doesn't it BUT a standard plastic food package takes up to 1000 years to break down which is also food for thought.

Knowing that when an empty Coopers packet placed in the bin, will have less problem degrading compared with standard Plastic is so important  to us as a  business. Our impact on the earth far outweighs having a cheaper non degradable packaging type.

All of our bagged treats come in this type of packaging, along with the refills of our meal boosters. Loose treats come wrapped in paper which can be recycled.

Our tins are reusable that our meal boosters come in to further reduce waste. each tin comes with a Biodegradable bamboo spoon which fits snugly inside the tin for easy storage and use.

Why Bamboo?
Bamboo is the FASTEST growing plant on earth and it regenerates naturally after harvesting. Bamboo forests have a negative carbon footprint, producing even more oxygen than trees! Doesn’t really get more sustainable than that ♻️ 🌍.

All of our tin labels are made with recycled paper and vegetable based ink using offset printing.

Our shipping  cartons are both recyclable and biodegradable along with our biodegradable paper tape. Any plastic bubble wrap or the like received in orders is re used from us receiving orders of our enrichment toys.



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