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Check your Packets. Why imported treats are bad.

Sometimes I get asked why I do what I do & there’s not really a short answer to this definitely not short enough for an Instagram caption anyway so its one for the blog instead.

ūüĆĪ To help you learn why it‚Äôs so important to feed natural &¬† Australian treats.

Coopers Kingdom began when I was working in finance for a freight forwarding company day after day I’d see pet companies (not naming any names) containers being imported from China! Having either irradiation certificates already or having to be completed at the request of customs if it doesn’t meet the import regulations once arriving in Australia.

In short gamma irradiation genetically modifies a product altering the nutritional value, taste and smell along with a list of other things.

Turns out that yucky stuff can cause underlying health problems the most common being severe kidney disease.

So I urge you to check your packets. Made in PRC packed in Australia = made in China very likely to have been irradiated. Some might skip the country altogether and just write ‚Äėpackaged in Australia‚Äô

I care about your pets and urge you to check those packets!

Now don’t get me wrong not all treats will have been irradiated if imported depends on the ingredients like I said before but once it has been there’s nothing ingredient wise that has to be added to the packaging. Would you eat something yourself if you knew it has been irradiated probably not? Right?

 Now this isn't a scaremongering tactic but a fact that there are no laws to put this on the packaging of a product.

Choose Australian made to avoid any confusion and doubts in your mind.

All of our treats are 100% natural, preservative free and have not been treated with any chemicals.

Here's a great article for further reading by Dana Scott @ Dogs Naturally Magazine in the US.




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